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Peacock & Flock

2 x Luxury Bespoke Invitations

2 x Gold foiled invitations, flocking and peacock laced envelopes, complete with a personal wax seal, for a private client. Make a quick enquiry

Peacock & Flock Burgesssplit jpgPeacock & Flock Burgess1 jpgPeacock & Flock Burgess4 jpgPeacock & Flock Burgess5 jpg

Flocking is the process of depositing many small fiber particles (called flock) onto a surface. These luxurious invitations were duplexed, foiled and colour matched to a well known series of movies. Make a quick enquiry

Peacock & Flock Lock3 jpgPeacock & Flock Flock1 jpgPeacock & Flock Flock2 jpgPeacock & Flock Flock4 jpg