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Design, manufacture & finishing solutions.

Stunning Packaging Design Finishes

Our design team works with some of the most beautiful papers, boards and printing services available, from old school foil blocks to the latest print technologies such as 'Scodix'. This is to bring the finishing touches to make the experience special for clients from start to finish.

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20 yrs experience within the print industry

Embracing all forms of print techniques to give you the best sourced options available. Lithography (Planographic Printing), Offset lithography or offset/photo-mechanical print, Cliché-verre (glass print), Digital Printing, Intaglio Printing, Engraving, Drypoint, Etching, Soft-ground etching, Aquatint, Carborundum, Mezzotint, Photogravure, Relief Printing, Woodcut, Chiaroscuro Woodcut, Wood Engraving, Linocut or linoleum cut, Monotype, Screenprinting, Stencil. Make a quick enquiry

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Bespoke Luxury Box Designs

Luxurious personalised invitations designed to suite the high profile customer, hand-made boxes, unique, innovative and prestigious bespoke awards. We work with some of the best event companies in the UK for the high profile client, bringing the best marketing solutions to the client. Make a quick enquiry

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Stunning digital print enhancements! A revolutionary spot foil was used. This remarkable digital process offers the highest gloss foiling on the market without the need for any film or dies. SCODIX is an exciting new print technique that gives marketing print the luxury wow factor at an affordable price. The high raised varnish can be used to build up layers for a logo for example, give text a more textured feel to your print. Make a quick enquiry

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Digital foiling and spot UV polymer print enhancements are something very special indeed, giving results which are truly remarkable and, up until now, have not been possible. NO DIES, NO FILMS, NO EMBOSSING. Just stunning eye-catching results. Seeing really is believing Make a quick enquiry

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Let's Talk.

If you have a party, a corporate event or wedding which you think would benefit from a dedicated design team and print specialists Make a quick enquiry and we'll get straight back in touch! We’d love you to see what we do and how we might help.

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